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Sense of Place

Design an innovative alcohol brand that is embedded with a strong sense of place using one specific location. How does the location make the brand and/or product(s) unique? The brand should be tailored for a UK audience. A range of rums based on different elements within the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, using the history of mining and important historical dates from the area. Heavily focusing on the different spices of trees within the forest and using these to inspire other elements of the brand and each individual rum, and the bottle; the percentage of alcohol in each rum corresponds with the shape of the bottle and are taken from historical dates, for example, the earliest known copy of the Dean Miner’s Laws and Privileges, this document contains 41 laws and privileges for the winning of Myne (mining of iron ore) and Sea Cole (coal), the laws outline rights of access and the method for defining claim, known as gale.

Promotional Video

A short video introducing King’s Pyoneers rums, that can also be used as a quick advertisement video on social media. Using the leaves to connect the rums to the forest, alongside copy that sums up the drinks in a quick, memorable way.

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